Xbox Live Coming to Switch and What that Could Mean


by Jarred Vislocky

Big-name brand collaboration is happening now more than ever before. Back in the day we would see these kinds of collaborations used to market two different products not in direct competition or among two characters owned by the same company. But times are changing. We’re seeing rival production studios sharing superheroes, skateboard companies collaborating and just recently announced, Microsoft and Nintendo are teaming up to make gaming experiences that much better.

Announced recently, Nintendo and Microsoft will be working together to bring Xbox Live to the Nintendo Switch, iOS and android devices. The company says bringing the network to more consoles will "enable game developers to connect players between iOS, Android, and Switch in addition to Xbox and any game in the Microsoft Store on Windows PCs”.


While little information was provided on what services would be cross-compatible, the news brought a lot of excitement to fans. Xbox owners, like myself, could see features like gaming achievements, friend list, clubs and more shared between their Nintendo and Xbox accounts. While it remains a mystery whether this would include any digital purchases being shared, the idea certainly isn’t unrealistic.

Some gamers found this news to be the next logical step for Nintendo and Microsoft. For those who didn’t already know, this partnership has already begun with certain games like Rocket League and Minecraft. On Rocket League, players can play against Xbox players while on their Nintendo Switch and vice versa. With Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch users can sign into Xbox Live to not only play with friends but earn Xbox achievements while on a Nintendo System.

The possibilities for what they can do with sharing achievements and even software are beyond exciting. Imagine being able to play Halo on your switch or having Smash Bros. Online being backed by Xbox Live? As an achievement hunter and Xbox enthusiast myself, I could talk all day about the possibilities of this kind of collaboration.


What’s most exciting? This past weekend during the Super Bowl, Microsoft put out a trailer for its Adaptive Controller which allows gamers with disabilities, who normally can’t use the standard controller, to customize the adaptive controller to suit their specific needs. For most people watching, this was the first time they had seen this controller.

This recent advertising push is in part due to them initially selling out and Microsoft seeing a positive response and high demand for this type of product. With the Nintendo Switch being one of the highest selling consoles of all time and marketed as a child safe gaming device, it seems like a no-brainer that this partnership would incorporate a way for this controller to be available for owners of the Nintendo Switch, too. 


Growing up dreaming of seeing Mario/Sonic in the same game and now watching as two gaming giants like Nintendo and Microsoft team up is almost indescribable. One can only hope that they can work off each others strengths to deliver even better fan service. Xbox One has no great first party? Well, Nintendo is known for publishing excellent first party games. Bummed that the Switch has a basic user interface for online and hardly any video streaming services? Xbox is highly regarded for its online services and being a home entertainment system. Sony, the only advice I leave you with is to maybe play nice with others next time