Jane Galletti


By Jennifer Aguglia

In grade school, artist Jane Galletti was always drawing, on paper and her mother’s walls. Her passion for art continued, attending CV TEC in High School for photography. This experience was the catalyst for Jane to pursue a career in the arts. “I think when passion is something that lights the soul and we acknowledge it, magical things can happen. I have always been a mark maker. Since a child to my adulthood, I’ve had to create”, says Galletti.

Galletti graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh in May of 2017 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and continues to make art daily. Inspired by Impressionist artists Monet and Degas, Galletti’s landscapes are emotional and energetic. Galletti says, “When I approach a new piece of work, it is inspired usually by the land, it evokes an energy that pushes me to paint. I keep everything as light as I can for as long as I can, almost like a watercolor. Layers and layers later I get heavier with natural tones overlapped. I want you to feel something, if we don’t exchange words at least you can have a conversation with me visually.”


Galletti has recently been teaching classes at Monopole, where she tends bar. The event, “Paint and Chug”, is a judgement-free zone which allows people to enjoy the process while sharing the artist’s passion for the medium. 

Of her plans for the future, Galletti says, “I may still attend grad school, but I’m traveling in between, painting the places I visit so that I can find out where I should be.” 

You can contact Jane at janegalletti.art@gmail.com or janegallettiartist.com to purchase or commission artwork.