North Volume Media Advertising GuidElines


North Volume Media has two core advertising products: Traditional advertisements, and branded content. Here’s how we define those two things.

The spots that you hear in North Volume Media's shows, that’s advertising. So, for example, the roughly two minutes of ads where the hosts of Reply All or the host of Mystery Show, say something to the effect of “This episode was brought to you by…”…that is our traditional advertising content.

Branded content is anything else we make for a brand or company. If, for example, Joe Schmoe Inc. asks us to make a weekly podcast for them in which we interview Joe Schmoe Inc. scientists and over which they have final creative control…that is branded content.

North Volume Media hosts do not appear in branded content and North Volume Media producers and journalists are not involved with the creation of branded content.

North Volume Media Advertising Guidelines

The relationship between North Volume Media and each individual advertiser is unique. That said, certain principles are universal. Here’s what we pledge to you, the listener, about our ads:

  1. You will always know when North Volume Media hosts are reading advertisements on our North Volume Media shows. You will hear special ad music, you will hear the hosts announce that they are about to read content brought to you by an advertiser. Also, the people we feature in our ads will always know they are being featured in an advertisement.

  2. Advertisers have no control over North Volume Media's editorial content. North Volume Media will not make editorial decisions based on an advertiser’s wishes. Gimlet will not avoid covering topics that are sensitive to an advertiser. Our advertisers know this.

  3. We aim to make great ads that are enjoyable and relevant for listeners.

North Volume Media Branded Content Guidelines

And here’s what we pledge to you, the listener, about our branded content:

  1. North Volume Media will always disclose which brands we have partnered with to create branded content. The people featured in our branded content will always know they are being featured in content that is being created for a brand.

  2. Our branded content partners have no control over North Volume Media's editorial content. Our branded content partners do have creative control over the content they are paying us to produce.

  3. Make it good! We believe that all the content our company produces should be, well, really really good.



Q: Are North Volume Media hosts and producers involved in creating the traditional advertising on the shows?

A: Yes. North Volume Media hosts read the ads on our shows, and sometimes record interviews for the ads.

Q: So who makes branded content?

A: We have a separate team of writers and producers who work on branded content here at North Volume Media.